7v7 Tournament Rules


  1.  Offense starts on 40 yd line and may choose either hash or center of field at the game start and after change of possession.
  2.  All snaps at the 40 yd line must be off the QB-TEE. QB-TEE is a timing system that will be provided at the HS and 7/8 grade levels. 
  3.  Offense has three (3) downs to get a first down. First downs are at the 25, and 10 yard lines.
  4.  Inside the 10 yard line, the offense has 3 downs to score.
  5. The offensive may run the ball on one down per possession. Runs are limited to dives, draw and jet sweep. There are no sweep passes or reverses allowed. All other plays must be pass plays.
  6.  Passing plays are defined as a pass in which the receiver is within a yard of or beyond the line of scrimmage and not inside the “tackle box”
  7.  Extra point after a touchdown. Single down attempt 1 point conversion from the 5 yd line, 2 point conversion from the 10 yd line.
  8.  The Offense will have 4 seconds per play to release the ball at the 7/8 and HS levels. If the QB still has possession of the ball at the specified count the play is blown dead and is loss of down.
  9.  NO blocking. Blocking results in a loss of down, return to previous spot.
  10. Defensive players cannot cross the line on a run play until the QB hands the ball off to the RB. Quarterback can NEVER run the ball.
  11. Defenses must not line up with in 3 yds of the QB prior to the snap
  12. Scoring: Offensive TD=6pts, Extra point 1 or 2pts, Defensive INT = 2 points and possession. INT for TD (passed 40 yd line) = 6 points and possession.
  13. During non pool play, ties will be decided by a series of tie breaker possessions. A coin toss will determine first possession with winning team selecting offense or defense. Offenses will start on the 10yd line and have 3 downs to score. If a TD is scored the Offense must attempt a 2pt conversion. The other team then receives the same opportunity. Defensive scoring still applies. This continues until the tie is broken.
  14. Defense has 1 blitz PER GAME.
  15. Ball carrier is down when touched below the neck with one hand. A defender cannot leave his feet to make a tag. Runner will still be able to run if the defender’s feet are off the ground. A Defender who repeatedly leaves his feet to make a tag may be ejected at the discretion of the on-field officials
  16. Fumbles (Including snap): Dead ball at the spot with the last team in control retaining possession.
  17. Offensive team will have 25 seconds between plays. Delay of game is a loss of down.
  18. The offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the official. The clock does not stop. Any delay of the offense in retrieving and returning the ball to the official will result in delay of game. If the offensive team is in the lead and delay is deemed to be an intentional act to protect their lead the defense will be awarded 2 pts and possession of the ball.
  19. Defensive pass interference or defensive holding will result in a first down at the spot of the foul.
  20. Offensive pass interference will result in a return to the previous spot plus a loss of down.
  21. Fighting is absolutely not tolerated. Any player, coach, or team staff member who throws a punch at anyone will be immediately ejected and required to leave the venue. If players, coaches or team staff members engage in pushing or shoving they will be ejected from the current game. If a player, coach or team staff member leaves the bench/sideline to engage in a fight, the entire team will be ejected from the remainder of tournament.   Any team who has more than two players ejected for fighting will be ejected from remainder of the tournament. Officials may also impose unsportsmanlike penalties. Ejections for action under this rule may be enforced by on field officials


  1. One offensive coach allowed on field and must remain behind the offensive huddle.
  2. NO defensive coaches allowed on the field.
  3. Coaches will be given 1 sideline warning during play. Second warning results a in a 10 yard penalty or half the distance to the goal. Third warning will result in offending coach ejection
  4. Coaches are not allowed to challenge any official ruling.  Arguing with an official may result in a 10 yard or half the distance penalty at the discretion of the game officials.
  5. Inappropriate physical contact between a coach and player, coach and official or coach to coach will result in ejection of those involved.
  6. Coaches are responsible for their sideline. Only players (up to 14) and coaches (up to 4) are allowed on sideline.   Additionally each team may have a Safety staff member responsible for athlete safety. This position cannot coach and must be addressing player safety. Unauthorized persons on the sideline will be asked to return to the stands. Failure to follow this request will result in the person(s) ejection from the venue.
  7. Coaches on the field are allowed to use play diagrams (either hard copies or those on an electronic device).
  8. Sportsmanship is a foundation of the EForce program. Coaches are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship, encourage and require that of their players and families.
  9. Each team will participate in a minimum of 3 pool play games to establish final tournament bracket seeding. Seeding based on win/loss record. Ties are broken first by total points scored. In the event of a remaining tie a coin will be flipped.
  10. Final tournament brackets will be a single elimination bracket based off the number of team in the respective tournament in their level of play. Their are no ties in tournament play. In the event of a tie a coin toss will determine which team gets to chose offense or defense. Each team will get 3 downs from the 10 yard line to score. This will continue until the tie is broken.