Competition. Development. Exposure.

Salem Breed 7v7 is a 7th /8th grade select 7v7 team made up of top athletes from the Salem/Kizer area. This 7v7 program is an immersive off-season experience with elite coaching and top competition. You must attend a tryout to be eligible for a team. 

Tryouts: Saturday, March 19th | 2 - 4pm | West Salem HS

Tryout includes 1 hour skill clinic followed by 1 hour of 1-on-1 and 7v7 competition for evaluation.

$30 online, $40 walk-up 

Team will compete in the following tournaments/events:

OFA 3D 7v7 - more info here

Local 7v7 league games - Boys and Girls Club, SKEF 

Salem Air 7 Shootout - June 11th, Sprague HS

Coaches for the team include EForce Football Staff, all with College or Professional playing experience:

View bios here!

Team information:

15-20 athletes | current 7th/8th graders | 3-4, 6th grade developmental spots.

Practices 1x/week leading up to events

Cost: $750

Nike Uniform - $100

Required soft shell helmet - $50

OFA 3D Camp - $250 (includes 2 nights lodging, food, transportation to/from UofO practice fields, 4 on-field sessions and 5 off-field sessions.)

7-on-7 league registration - $50

Air 7 Shootout registration - $50

EForce Coaches - $200

Practices - $50